Captivate AV is an authorised dealer for 64 Audio custom made IEMs. We have professional staff that will assist throughout the process to provide tailored advice and recommendations. Book an appointment today to compare our range of 64 Audio in-ears.

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs) are high-precision earphones originally designed as a monitoring solution for live musical performances, replacing large format speakers known as floor monitors. CIEMs are now also used for studio performances, mixing/mastering, personal listening and even gaming.


64 Audio makes nine CIEM models ranging from 2-18 drivers per side. Our goal with the whole product range is to offer the best possible sounding monitor at each price point. Regardless of driver-count we aim to get the most out of each component to produce our balanced, accurate and musical CIEMs.

Customise your In-Ears in 3 steps!

  • Step 1 - Try our Demos

    Book an appointment today to try out our personalized in-ear monitors. Trusted by professionals for top-notch sound performance.


    Captivate AV has collaborated with various professional musicians, stage performers, and presenters. We are here to support you in finding the perfect custom made IEM that suits your needs.

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  • Step 2 - Have your ears scanned safely from a professional.

    A 3D scan of your ear can be produced in less than 20 minutes.

    The 3D scan process is less invasive than the traditional physical impression process, and creates a more comfortable CIEM without applying pressure to your ear during scanning.


    Upon receiving your 3D ear scan, we digitally transmit it to the manufacturer for the creation of your CIEM. You have the option to retain the file for any future CIEM orders.

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  • Step 3 - Design your In-Ears and receive it as quickly as 4 weeks.

    Customize your IEM design with various colors, faceplate materials, and your own logo.

    Once we finalise your order, your IEM will be manufactured and delivered to you.

    Depending on design and brand choice, the manufacturing turnaround can be as quick as 4 weeks.

    Have a tight deadline and need a rush job? Contact us, and we will help you out!

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