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Swamp Pro-Line Series 3m Guitar Lead - Neutrik NP2X-B

Swamp Pro-Line Series 3m Guitar Lead - Neutrik NP2X-B

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Product Description

SWAMP Pro-Line Studio Series 1/4" TRS Cable
Featuring top quality Neutrik AG NP2X-B TRS connectors with gold contacts and a superior braided grounding shield for a no compromise noise free connection when patching in the studio or live touring.

The braided ground shield is the best at rejecting unwanted RF noise ensuring optimum signal quality. Compared to standard 'spiral wrapped' shielding audio cables, a braided shield gives much better coverage around the inner cores.

Braided ground cables are less flexible than their spiral wrapped counterparts and are more likely to be damaged when kinks and knots develop in the cable, which often occurs in live scenarios. Designed for use in recording studios and fixed installations.

Suitable for devices with consumer (-10dB) or pro (+4dB) line level signals.

Product Specifications

  • Cable Core: 0.12*30 (Conductor) + 0.12*16*6  (Braided Ground)
  • Conductor Gauge: 21AWG (0.34mm2)
  • Outer Diameter: 6.5mm
  • Connectors: 1/4"(m) or 6.35mm TS (Neutrik AG NP2X-B)
  • Length: 3m
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